Slow obedience is no obedience-part 2

There are instances in the bible where God gave instruction to someone and that person was not prompt to obey which resulted in consequences. With God there is no gray area. We learn and things are established “line upon line and precept upon precept”. It is a Godly principle. Our choices in life, no matter the size, will begat a blessing or a curse. We, as adults, are not afforded the luxury of arguing with God. Oh, you can try it. If you’re feeling “froggy”, jump right on out there! When God gives a “no” answer,  it does not mean that we can then manipulate, cut a deal or throw a fit! God set forth commandments and guidelines for living life. When we follow His plan and obey His commandments, we then enjoy the blessings that come with having been quick to obey with a willing heart. God also administers grace! Oh thank the Lord and move aside cause I’m claiming my measure! Every day I awake, I automatically know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am going to make some wrong decisions. Quite frankly, some of those wrong decisions are made knowingly. Because our Heavenly Father loves us so, He gives grace beyond what we can imagine sometimes. Who are we to ask for AND expect grace for our mistakes and  not show it to others? Our children are no different. When disciplining our children, a measure of grace should be given when a genuine change of heart is evident. Not only is that child supposed to be one of your most prized possessions in this life, they are a child of the Most High God. That child is one of His most prized possessions! It’s as though they are on loan to you for you to be a steward over for a season. As parents, there is an accountability that comes with having children. The Lord is going to hold us accountable for every thing that we sow into their life! The perspective that a child has of the immediate authority in their life will forever, short of divine intervention, affect their perspective of their relationship with the Lord. If a child is always experiencing someone being overbearing, quick to anger and a lack of nurturing and integrity, they are going to grow up expecting constant hell fire and brimstone from someone that does not honor their promises! They will have a defeated mentality feeling like God is always on the prowl to “catch” them doing something wrong. God is a gracious, nuturing and loving father who longs to spend time with us and bless our socks off! He’s actually just looking to “catch” us obeying his direction, commandments and showing love and compassion on others all the way through life. He urges us to be bold as His children and step up and claim His promises! The way that we discipline our children should mirror the way in which the Lord deals with us. Quick obedience with a willing heart is a favorable end result. All involved have kept their peace, the child knows exactly where the boundries are and all can enjoy the blessings that come with being a family! Our consistency in instilling these principles in our children will alter their destination in life! The bible even says that they can bring you honor or great sorrow. Raising up our children in this manner will set them up for a successful and blessed life! Being quick to obey not only helps to avoid consequences or undesirable results from a bad decision…it begats unlimited blessings and becomes a lifestyle! Obedience promotes peace and who doesn’t want an extra measure of that in this day and age! Just saying…

3 thoughts on “Slow obedience is no obedience-part 2

  1. odeh shawrieh says:

    Great work Kim ….

  2. Kathy McKimmy says:

    I truly love you! You are a great encouragement to young and old alike. You really are an inspiration to me.

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