Philippians 4:8 ” Finally bretheren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.”

Do you have good and wholesome memories from your childhood that have helped to sustain you through your adulthood? Character and conduct begin in our minds and our actions are affected by the things we dwell on in our idle thought time. The words true, noble, just, pure, lovely and of good report indicate things sincere, clean, modest, morally faultless, authentic, of reality and that which harmonizes with historical facts. Some adults schedule their child’s every waking moment to the max in order to keep them occupied and engaged in one activity or another! They are so committed that it results in exhaustion, stress and frustration. What was meant to be fun is no longer fun!

God created our minds as well as our bodies to have down time or time where there is no stimulation or manipulation from an outside force. Just time to ponder and meditate on things and life. Our life experiences and the activities that we engage in create memories of a good or bad nature. We then marinate on those memories in our thought life. Those memories will then promote love, peace, sound mind and a passion to live life OR fear, anger, frustration/stress etc. Then, during our and their resting time we wonder why we can not sleep. Proper rest affects our physical health as well as our mental health. For example, children watch cartoons and other programs, that are alledgedly rated for early childhood which introduce all kinds of un-natural and un-Godly looking creatures that display un-Godlike characteristics and behaviors. God placed in every child a measure of curiousity and a natural drive to learn. They are going to ingest whatever we make available to them! Brain development is very much influenced by our early environment and it’s influence is long-lasting!

Have you ever noticed that in the midst of numerous new Christmas gifts, that your child would rather play with the box that the new household appliance came in?! WHY IS THAT and don’t you just want to shout?! After all, don’t they realize how long you fought traffic and cashier lines to secure that AND what a dent it put in your account? LOL!! Not! And to add insult to injury…the box was FREE!  That child is going to make more wholesome memories pretending and using their imagination AND those memories need to include you! If you do not make time for them now, they will not have time for you later. Also, when life presents them with trials and tribulations, they are going to need those memories for recall to help get them through a hard time. It gives hope in a time of trouble! Many adults in this day and age are still plaqued by bad memories from their childhood. They have memories of someone’s unleashed anger, disappointments, rejections and abuse or neglect. Short of divine intervention, they are still dragging through life, dreading every new day and are very miserable. They do not have fun or heartwarming memories to dwell on.

Family Fun At The Beach

God did not intend for us to just exist without hope and enjoying all that He created. We need to be creating great memories with our children which bring laughter, promote mental and physical health, reinforce family ties and confirm the need to live a Godly life! These things cement our bonds with our children! They’ re going to bond with someone. Is it going to be you or their peers?  Whoever they are going to be spending time with is going to have “airtime” to be of an influence over them. Ask the Lord to give you creative ideas on things you can do with your children that make good memories! In all the years that I have been surrounded by children of all ages, I have never heard a child reminisce about getting to have their own tv in their room and watch unlimited cartoons. They do not cherish those memories.They will remember the simple things  that they longed to do with you that you never “had time” for! Children cherish memories like:

making tents with old sheets and blankets draped over the furniture on a rainy day

camping/hiking and discovering nature

having family pillow fights (yes adults can do this and it’s a load of fun!)

turning out all the lights and playing hide and seek in the dark

camping overnight on the trampoline or in the back yard

All of these moments lend you the opportunity for  “air time” with your children. They are intriqued by anything out of the norm! These kinds of memories are then there for recall in a moment of sadness, sickness, depression, anxiety or fear. The condition of our minds and our will to thrive affect every other portion of our lives and the people around us. It’s also condusive to the joyful, content and victorious life that God intended for us to have! We want a life filled with love, hope and peace for ourselves and loved ones! Take time to make memories of the highest quality with your children. It will help to sustain them through many years to come!

My Whole Family

Philippians 4:8

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