Do you hear the words comin outta YOUR mouth?!

One day in my classroom of four and five year old preschool children, a child blurted out a choice word that he had heard from home in a moment of dad’s unleashed temper! Just as fast as it hit my ears, children began to tattle and blurt out what the little boy had said. As fast as I could, I was pointing to each one and saying, “Ok, I heard. You don’t say that…that’s not a good…I said I heard. Do not repeat that!” Fires were popping up faster than I could put them out! I began explaining that even adults are not supposed to talk like that. While I ‘m speaking, another child blurts out uninvited, “Oh, that’s not bad…my dad says !@#?*! when his tool breaks and he smashes his hand…”. Oh my goodness! They all started shouting over each other telling all about what their parents say at home! If parents only knew how their little ones were singing like mocking birds at preschool, they would keep them home and lock the doors! In a moment of shock followed by an intellectual brainstorm, I then proceed to instruct the child on what is the proper course of action to take next time he hears dad talk like that. I instructed him that upon hearing that again, he should respectfully say, “Ohhhh,  you had big words in your mouth and God heard them”! He thought that was really cool. I could see the smoke clearing and all the fires were now extinguished so I proceeded with my lesson.” After all”,  I told myself, ” he can not remember his middle name so it will be ok”. I did not give it another thought until several days later a mom, upon dropping off her child, began to tell me about something that happened at home the day before. She was laughing uncontrollably and proceeded to describe the look of shock on her angry husbands face when he was corrected by their son! She warned me of a possibly offensive phone call that I might receive…you guessed it! We lost additional acreage due to that fire before all was done! Talk about crop failure!! Let’s try this approach…

No matter the age, I feel confident that we all have some degree of improvement that can be made on the words that come out of our mouths! We have words or quips that have been passed down from generation to generation or they have been obtained by social contact and various sources of media.These are deemed by many to be a sign of wit, humor and sometimes even intelligence! Even according to worldly standards, being eloquent of speech can lend immediate favor in given circumstances. God’s word says that words fitly spoken can promote life or words carelessly spoken promote death! Our prayer should be like Psalm 19:14, “Let the words of my mouth AND the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight oh Lord, my strength and my Redeemer”. This literally means, “let what I speak and what my heart murmurs to itself, be a delight to you Lord”. We should always speak the kind of words that confirm what we believe in our heart about God, His love and His power. If we believe, yet we contradict that belief with careless words, it’s not acceptable with the Lord! The bible says, “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue, keeps his soul from troubles”. (Proverbs 21:23) It  also says, “A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit”. (Proverbs 15:4) How can we, out of anger, curse everything around us and then marvel when things go awry! We sometimes carelessly claim things like, “I’m gettin sick and tired of…” OR “That almost gave me a heart attack”! These things are not in line with God’s word for our lives, success, health and peace of mind! How is it that sometimes parents will even say things to their children like, “Are you stupid?! What were you thinking”?! OR “What’s wrong with you? You are a bad boy/girl and I’m not going to speak to you”! Remember, our children will repeat the behaviors that they see in us and not what we tell them to do. Also, the image of us being in authority over them is what perspective they are going to have about God being in authority over them! God daily grants us unmerited grace, favor and forgiveness. Who are we that we will not display the same towards our own children? We should never berate or address our children in a demeaning manner! Matter of fact, we should be speaking and praying God’s word over them. Even as early as before birth, parents can be praying blessings over their child/children and have faith believing God will perform it! Faith takes action! Parents, lay hands on your children and speak the word of God over them and their life. They need to hear you praying for them! It promotes a bond between children and parents. They also will feel celebrated by you! Children need to know they are important and are loved by us! Even as adults, it is human nature to feel the need to be celebrated by someone! Also children will learn how easy it is to talk to God in thanksgiving, worshiping and making their petitions known. They need to learn what God has to say about their inheritance, circumstance, health, happiness, dreams, desires and future as well as the past! They then will reach a point where they are praying out loud the same scriptures over themselves, you and others! Remember that Jesus said the kingdom is made up of such as them?!

Children are very precious in the sight of the Lord! Children are looking to us for words of confirmation, affirmation, approval and acceptance. Are we going to raise up children lacking all the same things in their lives that we lack in ours? “Oh, I’m sorry! You lost the genetic lottery! I was never successful in that subject or in relationships so you will be just like me”. We are supposed to be nurturing them with the Word. You remember what I said about children reaching a point where they are praying scripture aloud? The bible says that we should meditate on God’s word daily. From what I understand, the word “meditate” in that scripture means to utter audibly in a low voice. That sounds like prayer to me! Also, did you know that we have a part of our brain called the thalmus? The thalmus is like the hard drive of the brain. A thought is just that…a thought. When that thought comes out of your mouth…it then becomes a part of your thalmus which is like your hard drive. It is then there for recall as needed! How awesome is that? Then in a moment of fear, that child remembers that God does not give a spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind! In a moment of doubt, that child remembers that he can be ten times wiser than the children of the world and all his/her steps are ordered of the Lord. Oh my goodness what a victorious life we can set our children up for! You can pray over them for anything to EVERYTHING concerning their past, present and certainly the future! Learn what the Lord has to say about your children and your grandchildren! Step out in faith and claim those things believing that you are a child of the Most High God, He loves you and you were created for all of this AND He’s got everything under control. The God ordained possibilities for our children are limitless!

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