Ask and you shall receive!

I apologize for taking soo long to post…I have been recovering from sciatica. I have had a bulged disc in my lower back putting pressure on my sciatic nerve which incurs pain like I have never experienced before! I am a very active mom of four and a Pre-k teacher who is very accustomed to going at MACH 5 with my hair on fire! LOL! I have been having difficulty for a few months, but I am a woman “on the go” with a lot of things to accomplish so I kept plowing forward. I have always been blessed with overall great health. My life as I have lived it for quite some time, came to a screeching halt a few days ago! For the last week, I have been grounded! In order to allow your body to heal itself, you have to eliminate any and all pressure on the spine. Any sitting or being completely vertical is detrimental to this condition. I originally thought, “Ok, I might have to rest for a day or two and then everything will be back to normal”. NOT!! Ok, at this point, I am starting to get a little perturbed at the inconvenience of it all! So, after exhausting all that I knew to do, I straight-up inquired of the Lord as to why I was not healed of this annoyance…the ways in which we set ourselves up. I was promptly reminded that the Lord has the ability AND the desire to heal us. However, His utmost desire for us is to “be in good health”! He can heal any affliction or disease, BUT, if we have unhealthy habits or lifestyles that do not promote good health and well being, we will simply end up in the exact same predicament or WORSE!

As Christians, we are representing the kingdom! How can we call ourselves a witness to the world if we can/will not exercise common wisdom in regards to our health? The Lord blesses us with many things, but friends, He gave us just one earth suit! Now I am not in any measure discounting grace or divine healing…both are available. I have gotten a new revelation on health through all of this. His number one desire for us is to have wisdom, health AND length of days! For example, King Solomon was having a conversation with the Lord. The Lord basically told him, “Inquire of me whatever you want…”.Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom. The Lord told him he was going to give him more wisdom AND health, all the days of his life, than anyone else! He got it too! Guess what…till now, no one has ever had more wisdom than Solomon.  HOWEVER…out of all of that, he did not exercise that wisdom and his life was cut short!  He did not get length of days. He developed an unhealthy lifestyle (spiritually) and began worshiping the pagan gods of some of his many wives. Yikes!! Crop failure! The reason I am sharing this with you is this…God put us all here to be of support to each other. How could I claim to be a member of the Body of Christ (family) and not want to help someone else to not make the same mistake? The Lord has been dealing with me for sometime that my priorities were getting out of balance. Do you remember the story about Martha and Mary? Well, the Lord has been showing me for some time that I needed to balance those two parts of my life. I’ve strived so hard over the past years to be the diligent (Martha) wife and the dutiful and nurturing mom ( and later child care director/pre-k teacher) that I was giving priority to all of the duties and responsibilities and ceased spending quality time seeking Him, His wisdom and His ability to help cover all of those bases (like Mary). It’s good to strive for the spirit of excellence, but sometimes there is a fine line between that and getting caught up in the cares of the world that the Lord warns against. When Martha complained to Jesus that Mary was not helping, He told her, “Martha, you are troubled by many things..”. Martha was stressed because she was not seeking Him first and was not reminded that He could help with all of those things. He might of even shown her a few short-cuts. She was relying on her own ability to accomplish it all. You can also exhaust yourself and compromise your health. Especially as parents, what good will all of that diligence be if we are not seeking the Lord first and His wisdom to discern and navigate the whole journey?! As if that was not enough, all of our “little clones” are following in our footsteps and grow up making the same choices. Not only do I want to have that fellowship with the Lord…while I’m there I’ll inquire of him on behalf of my spouse, children, intercede on behalf of others, rec. revelation, etc. I want to be knowledgeable on what ” thus saith the Lord” is in order to live a healthy and victorious life full of wisdom AND have length of days!! Praise the Lord!! I still have at least fifty more years to enjoy my spouse, children, grandchildren AND my great-grandchildren. We still have a lot of God’s creation to explore and a lot of memories to make together! Friends, I desire the same for you.! Do not let Satan or anyone else convince you into settling for anything less than God’s very best and His utmost! God instructed us to come boldly to the throne! You don’t have to take my word for it…ASK HIM and then brace yourself…God bless you!