Hello life!

Praise the Lord it feels great to be in the full swing of family life again! For the past approx. seven months, I have had a battle with sciatica and at my worst was having to walk with the assistance of a walker! The simplest of daily duties quickly became a mountain to be conquered and some of them just could not be done by me! Through the prayers and support of friends and family, I am now back in the running! I have received much revelation on so many levels during this whole trial and my life will NEVER be the same! The word “health” has taken on a whole new meaning and I am learning new disciplines and habits to stay healthy and enjoy “length of days”. In sooo many ways, the Bible is correct where it says, “We perish for a lack of knowledge”. I fully intend to take better care of my “earth suit” and be more appreciative for everything good in life! It is good to be back and I am returning with an increased passion for life and learning how God says we should be living it. Thanks for being supportive to “Dusting Pockets”…Kim 

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