Are YOU ready for school?

It is almost time for a new school year to begin! Wow, how the summer and family time flies by! The air is filled with anxieties, dread, and a lot of other mixed emotions about our children. Especially the young ones, starting school in a few days. More times than not, young children starting school for the first time are less anxious and fearful than the parents. It is usually the mom who experiences the greater measure of separation anxiety and understandably so! It is usually mom who does the most nurturing and handling of the daily responsibilities that come with raising children. This is a chunk of their heart  they feel they are throwing out there to be “buffed” by the rest of the world. We should foster a healthy amount of age appropriate attitudes for living and learning. We should never convey our own fears, anxieties, and failures to our children. Children do not naturally fear things in life. Fear is instilled in them from an outside influence. If we fear they are not going to have enough friends, not going to thrive or do well academically, yadda..yadda…they will feel the same way. On the other hand, if we portray confidence and peace in regards to their circumstance, it will induce all of the same attitudes in them and make for a more successful outcome for all concerned. Parent, God would not give you that precious child and then set you or them up for failure! Peace be unto you on behalf of your child! Claim God’s promises over your child. Pray and speak His word over their life including anything you especially consider a weakness or challenge for them. Discuss with your child, with a spirit of excitement and great expectation, all the wonderful opportunities this is going to bring their way! Sow into them a healthy, positive attitude about school, friends, learning and celebrated successes! We, as christian parents, should teach our children not to be led by their emotions and every little thing  they see in the natural. We should teach them the very Word of God and show them how to claim His promises in faith over everything in life! Even as I am sharing this with you, the Lord is reminding me of some of these things; even though my children are all older now. His promises are not rated for particular ages, races, religions, etc. Be mindful of your conversations with your spouse or others regarding your children. They may be playing within the vicinity of your conversation and overhear negative remarks. God says the words we speak are very powerful and that the power of death and life are in our tongues! Parents, it is one thing for our children to hear those harmful statements from other peers, but it is just not right to hear them come from their own parents mouth. Search out opportunities for “airtime” to speak to your children about the upcoming school year. Encourage them with a positive attitude. Explore all of the opportunities their future can hold.If your children are approaching preteens through high school, it is spiritually age-appropriate to remind them they can talk to the Lord directly. They may share their feelings, fears, and desires in confidence, knowing it will be recieved with love. They will learn to trust in God’s nurturing nature. As parents, we can assure them that we will also be supporting them in prayer. God’s word says that in prayer, where one puts a thousand to flight, two puts two thousand to flight! There is power in agreement in prayer! As parents, we can claim all of God’s promises over our children. Our faith and trust in Him will be imparted to our children and promote confidence, success, and peace. Take God at His word and live each new day with great expectation of what that day is going to hold for each and every one of your children!