“Family Airtime”

Adults have many obligations and responsibilities that need to be met in regards to daily living, jobs, duties at church, extra curricular activity schedules, etc. These are sources for stress and seem endless and almost unbearable at times. These times can be especially stressful for young children who do not have the ability to process it all or verbally convey their anxieties, stresses or fears. The outward behavior you are seeing is a manifestation of a need that wants to be met. Children often feel insecure about where they fit in that busy schedule. Home is supposed to be the family’s refuge and sanctuary from the whole rest of the crazy world!
Seek to establish some moments of quality family time spent together. The more you connect, the less you have to correct. As adults, we often feel the need to wind down from our day and to “vent” to someone else to be heard or get things off our chest. Children have that same need. If nothing else, just sit down and invite them to come and “talk your ears off”. Give them some of your undivided attention and listen to them tell you about their day, accomplishments, good behavior report from school, concerns, fears or anxieties. Often adults feel like they have already given their best to someone or something else for the day and nothing is left over. I am speaking to Christian parents…some of whom already have little “chunks of God’s heart” residing in their home and speaking the same language. God often speaks through the purest of hearts and out of the mouths of children. In conversation with your child, you may get that answer you have been waiting for. You may get a sudden revelation or idea. Or, you can just sit in amazement of God’s creativity and humor as you listen to your child go on and on. Observing your child/children also gives you insight to the very character and heart of God. These moments, in the future, will become cherished memories that will help sustain your child through hard times. Make frequent deposits of grace, love, and quality time into your children and watch them flourish! As you grow older, these fond memories will help sustain you also. Guard these opportunities for quality time together with a passion and diligence that would have God’s approval. Enjoy!