School Days Are Here!

It’s time for a new and exciting year of school! All parents with school age children are running in circles purchasing supplies, going to orientations and taking care of last minute hair, dental and immunization appointments! It can become quite unraveling! It makes the first few days stressful for young little ones. Take time out to sit down and “talk up” all the opportunities that come with going back to school. Enthusiastically describe to your child/children how they are going to acquire new friends and learn exciting new things. Maybe you can even throw out an incentive or two for good grades and good behavior. If they see that it is important to you and it can be exciting, it will become important to them. This will not only alleviate stress, but  will foster healthy attitudes about learning. Take the time to listen to their concerns and see things from their perspective. Each year can seem like a lifetime to a child that feels insecure or defeated from the beginning. Talk it up and then establish a diligent habit of praying over them each and every day! Their potential in God is limitless!