Praises…lots of praises!

     As adults, we feel the need to be praised and celebrated occasionally for our strengths, accomplishments and victories. It is fulfilling to have someone else acknowledge our efforts and/or hard work whether it be by our boss, co-workers or peers. Our children are no different! A little praise or words of affirmation go a long way. Actions speak even louder than words! Look for and seek out opportunities to praise your child. “I like the way you…” or “I like it when you…” are just a couple of ways to express your approval and admiration. No matter the age or gender, we all have the need to feel celebrated. Focus on your child’s strengths and not their weaknesses. Impart to them a healthy self-esteem and age appropriate level of confidence. Each and every one is unique and has their own gifts and talents that God has given them. Show them how to utilize those to bless others and how to build on those to be victorious over even their weaknesses! This “habit” will help promote a positive outlook and “I can” attitude. It will also help them to establish healthy relationships and appropriate means of communicating with others!

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