Feeling Frazzled?

Parents, no matter the age of your child/children, do not give speedy and careless answers. Give mindful consideration to the question before giving an answer and then stick to it! If your child nags or asks the same question repeatedly in order to get a different answer, this creates strife and emotional melt downs. Apparently, your child has learned that on the fifty-first time they ask you crater and give in. Let your “no” really mean “no” and  your “yes” be honored even if it is inconvenient. Some parents believe that if their child can present a good argument it is a sign of intelligence and should be rewarded with an answer the child seeks….even when it is not in the child’s best interest. When your communication is clear and consistent your child knows what to expect. This promotes much peace and leaves no gray area to be challenged. Also, take all emotion out of the equation. If we, as adults, are led through life based on our emotions, what are we teaching our children? To do the same AND remember… their perception of us in authority over them now is going to be the same perception they have of God later. Once you have clearly explained on their level of understanding and give an answer, then stick to it. They are totally capable of understanding and meeting the standard. No more tantrums at home. No more melt downs at the store and much peace to be had. Then, every body can enjoy each others presence in the manner in which God intended.

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